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Privacy policy

Futureapps as developer do NOT collect any kind of information such as personal information or personal identifiable information. Futureapps do not own any servers to store any information.

Accounts permission - Since this app is designed to send emails using Gmail API's, this permission is required to send emails on behalf of users.

Contacts permission - App have facilitate autopopulate functionality to provided email suggestions from contacts. User can allow/deny this permission. Denial of this permission will impact auto populate reciepent email functionality

Storage permission - This permission is needed if user is intended to send attachments from his/ her SD cards. On denial of this permission, user will not be able to attach files to send via email.

Important note -Futureapps as developer never know the password of the user account. Email is sent by Gmail API with Oauth security. On user permission, Gmail API sends the email and futureapps as developer do not intercept or interfere. Futureapps as developer never tracks any incoming and outgoing emails. All process is managed by Gmail API by Google.

Ads - This app is ads supported. Ads are delivered by Admob from Google and Adchoices by Facebook. Please refer their EULA and privacy policy for more details

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