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Today I am going to tell you about an app, basically a reminder app. Reminder app that talks. There are plenty of reminder apps on play store ( and iOS users probably don't need it as Siri is capable of doing lot of stuff for you).
However this app is just different one!....

Reminder app that talks >

If you run a small business, say for example if you run a cake shop and get feedbacks, questions and suggestions from your customer through emails or may be you run online business and get lot of queries through email, the first thing you would like to do is immediately reply to your customers with proper information...

How to automatically reply to emails in Gmail >

Tech Tips that matters

You often read such news. With the commercialisation and evolving nano technology cameras are getting smaller and cheaper. It is very easy for someone to plant hidden cameras and spy on you for various reasons. From teenagers to business man, everybody is victim of privacy invasion. So how to detect hidden camera? ...

How to Detect Hidden Camera - Step by Step Guide >

How to Detect Infrared Cameras - Step by Step Guide >

How to Detect Wired Camera - Step by Step Guide >

How to Detect Wireless Camera -Step by Step Guide >

10 Preventive Steps to Protect from Hidden Camera | Don't forget to read bonus tip at the end >

If you have macbook air or macbook pro, then probably you have faced this issue (if not you will) where your wifi gets disconnected when macbook goes into sleep mode....

How do I keep my Mac connected to WIFI when sleeping? >

You purchased iPhone. But your wow factor ends as soon as you notice, there is no good way you can record a phone call. Apple says its not legal to record calls in most of the countries and to make iOS ecosystem secure, they haven't provided call recording feature, neither they allow third-party developers to do that. You might get call recording feature on your jailbroken device but not everyone go for jailbreak....

How to record call on iPhone without app >

There are many incidents when mobile phone battery got exploded in the pocket or while talking. Few people lost their life. Let's learn what can you do in order to protect your mobile phone’s battery. These tricks will not only save your battery from such threats but will also help you improve your battery life. ...

how to protect mobile battery >

This is the one of the most concerned question in today's world. How will you protect your mobile from getting virus? First, there are many type of threats while using mobile phone. Virus is just one of them. There are Trojan malware and adware too. Whats the difference between them.....

How to protect mobile phone from virus >

Internet & apps have made banking very easy. More easy banking for you, its more easy for hackers to make frauds. Here are few checks you must always follow before making any online payments....

7 ways to make safe payments online >

If you heard a news that "iPhone exploded in a car" or "Smartphone battery explodes while charging, kills 12-year old" and worried about, this is the perfect place for you. Let's see why mobile phone explodes or what causes the explosion....

3 Reasons Why Mobile Battery Explodes >

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