how to protect mobile from virus

how to protect mobile from virus ?

This is the one of the most concerned question in today’s world. How will you protect your mobile from getting virus?

Lets start –

First, there are many type of threats while using mobile phone. Virus is just one of them. There are Trojan malware and adware too.  Whats the difference between them.

Virus is general term. Any software or script that cause damage to your mobile phone, you can say it as virus.

Trojans or malware is the software or script that pretend to provide you some functionality but does harm your mobile or your personal data in the background. For example – Software or app that claims to be PDF reader allows you to read your pdf files but in background, it tracks your activities, steal your passwords and send to their servers.

Adware is the software which actually do not do any harm to your mobile neither steal your data but it displays lot of ads without respecting Android / Apple’s guidelines. That means you keep receiving ads on actions like “Message received, Battery charged, Call ended”. In this case we are unable to find out which app actually displayed the ads.

Now how to protect from such threats?

1. Do not install any app from other than Google play store (for android) and iTunes (For iPhone).

2. For Android, there is option called, “Allow app install from unknown sources”. Make sure this option is unchecked.

3. Whenever you receive any pop up message while browsing “Virus found on your mobile. Urgent action is required”. Close the browser immediately. Do not install the app that pretends to be antivirus app. It wont allow you to go back in browser. So just close the browser and reopen.

4. Always browse in Incognito mode. We recommend you use Firefox Focus browser. This browser not only restrict ads but also disable website tracking by its own.

5. Deny permission to apps if they do not need to be functional. For example – Deny location permission to your browser app.

6. Check all the apps that are installed. If any app is not used for long time or not required, then uninstall it. Check the permissions granted to each app.

how to make safe payment through mobile app?


  1.  Do not use third party keyboard like swift keyboard while using mobile banking app. Many keyboard apps store keys entered by you for analysis. There is huge chance that you loose your net banking password , credit card, debit card information to such companies.
  2.  Even if you need to use third part app, deny network permission to keyboard app. Keyboards do not need internet to work.
  3.  Only install banking app which is official. Even though you can search your banking app in Google play or iTunes, always install app from your bank website. Make sure app is trusted and is officially released by your bank.
  4. If you are using touch id/ fingerprint for banking app, check how many fingerprints are registered into the device.
  5. Always log out from your mobile banking when done.
  6. Close all background apps before using banking app.

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