how to make safe payments online

how to make safe payments online

Internet & apps have made banking very easy. More easy banking for you, its more easy for hackers to make frauds.  Here are few checks you must always follow before making any online payments

  1. Own private laptop/computer – Always make payment through your own laptop/computer. Do not use public computers (Net Cafe computers, airport computers etc.). There is possibility that these computers are infected with malware, Trojans which might steal your net baking passwords.
  2. Always have updated and good antivirus program – Your computer/laptop must have good antivirus software with updated definitions. Never download and install non trusted,unsigned or unverified softwares. Some software pretend to be useful softwares like PDF reader or PDF writer but theose can have key loggers which has ability to steal your password entered on any website.
  3. Google Chrome Extensions – This step is very important. Never download any google chrome extension from unauthorized source or without knowing permissions it required. Google chrome extensions have ability to intercept your traffic. Always make sure you disable unwanted extensions before making any payment.
  4. Check for https – Check for word https at the start of URL in address bar. If your connection is not private, you will see cross mark on https word which means someone can steal your data like netbaking username and password through network systems. Always make sure https word is in green in address bar.
  5. Double check your bank website URL – Sometimes scammers create similar website as your bank and unknowingly you enter your banking details into such sites. Always make sure you validate your bank website/ netbanking URL and use one which is provided by your bank officially.
  6. Try to use virtual keyword – Almost everybank offers virtual keyboard for netbaking login. Why so ? its because your system  might have key loggers. Key loggers are such softwares or programs which always listen to your keyboards. So it is always safer to use virtual keyboard as such softwares can not intercept password typed via virtual keyboard.
  7. Sign out and clear history with cookies – Once you done with your payment, do not forget to log out and clear cookies. If someone manage to get to your browser cookies and you haven’t logged out, he may use cookies to login into your net banking without username and password. This is very rare as banking and https has evolved a lot but it is better to have this best practice.
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Now you know how to make safe online payment, here are few more tips

  1. Always remember or securely note down 3 letters from back of your credit/debit card and erase it from the card. Anyone who get to hands on your card, he gets card number, card validity and back side 3 digits. This is sufficient information to grab money from you. You can’t remove card number and validity but you must rub 3 digits printed on back side of your card. Make sure you remember those numbers as these are required for few transactions.’
  2. Do not download banking app from unauthorized source.  Download legitimate app from Google Play or iTunes. Double check with the bank for proper link to the app.
  3. If you are using third party keyboard like Swift keyboard, make sure you deny internet permission because these apps store the keystrokes for analysis. You don’t want to share your password with them, do you?
  4. Go for fingerprint / touch ID authentication for app login but make sure how many people have registered touch ID or fingerprints on your device.

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  1. This point will shock you because you are making same mistake today –

    If you are using third party keyboard like Swift keyboard, make sure you deny internet permission because these apps store the keystrokes for analysis.

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