How to grow roses faster

How can I make my roses grow faster?

My mother just loves gardening. She has not only grown flower plants but even big trees like Jambul tree, mangoes etc. Few years back, we decided to plant rose plants. We bought few plants from market and planted in a pot.

We live in place where temperature goes to 46°c in summer. It hardly rains in rainy season (monsoon). Though we watered the plant everyday and soil quality was good for planting, many plants could not survive. The one which survived did not grow a single rose on it. Yeah, that was literally frustrating.

Then my mother got to know about this simple trick. She dig a hole in the soil and burried banana peels. Then she bought few yellow and red colored plants again and filled that soil in a pot. Within few months, rose started growing on the plant. But it was only one rose per plant. She continued putting banana peels and now a plant grows 3-4 roses at a time and much faster than before.

(Above are actual HQ images I clicked of my own garden. Hope you like them)

If I carefully analyze what it takes to grow rose faster, below are important factors in my honest opinion. You can try below simple steps and experience it yourself.

1. Soil: Banana peels are rich in phosphorus. Rose plants just love that. Nitrogen and calcium are equally important.
2. Sunlight: Your rose plant needs at least 6-7 hours of sunlight. Place a pot where it gets that much of sunlight.
3. Water: At least 1 ltr of water per plant everyday.
If you want to grow roses as a business, then you need more fine tuning of the plants. Pruning is very important.I found this very good article about pruning. You can check it out here.

To end this article on how to make roses grow faster, I would just say, banana peels, nitrogenous soil, 6-7 hours of sunlight and waterning it everyday will make roses grow faster on your rose plant.

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