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Many apps on play store including default clock app lack many features on Android. I realized this based on my real experiences. Doctor told my wife to give some medicines to my 18 months old. Since those were just vitamins, my wife used to forget couple of days in a week. First I used to set reminder on default clock app, but still that didn't help because

1. My wife used to keep phone somewhere
2. When phone used to ring, we literally had to open it, turn off alarm ringtone and then see the message what was it about.
3. Most of the time, phone was in my work place and when it started ringing, I had to turn it off and tell my wife to give medicine.

It was really frustrating. I wished, there would be an app that should remind me the exact text loudly so that I don't need to catch the phone. I found some apps but they were not repetitive. They just pronounce the text once and go silent, so I again used to miss them.
This app solves all of these problems. Let's see the features:

1. First feature, you can enter the text that you want to be reminded for. For example : "Take this pill XYZ", "Its time to drink water now", "Hey mom, its time to take your medicine", "You have to call John"," Its time for some exercise" and then set the reminder as per your choice. App allows you to select any weekday (Sunday, Monday etc.), daily or specific day. Similarly you can select specific time or you can set it recurring like every 1 hour, every 2 hours etc. Once you set the reminder, at that time app will speak up your text loudly and repetitively. App uses text to speech functionality to speak the content.


2. You can configure the text to speech tone as per your need, you can adjust the accent, adjust pitch (make voice as male or female) and also adjust the speed.

3. You can use your own language in editor using language keyboard and set voice accent to match with language, app will speak your language in your accent. Sometimes you may need to download voices for it to work. ( instructions have been given below if you want to follow.)

4. When you done with your task or reminding action, just select "mark as complete" and then close the pop up. It will help you track all the activities. For example if you have set reminder everyday every 4 hours to "drink water". when it reminds you and you drink water, click "mark as complete". App will keep building your record track. You can go to reminder and select track action to see which instance you missed.

5. App supports few actions within pop up. For example, if you need to call someone, just enter his/ her mobile number in the text and when it reminds you can directly make a call through app pop up.


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What our users say

Pradeep Parekh: "What can i say? I had cataract operation and doctor told me to add drop every 2 hour. Android default clock app could not set me reminder every 2 hours. I used this app. I discovered it offers text to speech. Means I told take drop and every 2 hours this lady shout loudly "take drop" "take drop" until i respond. And then i discovered track action button where i know which hour i missed. Now that's personal assistant :)"

Cathy Martinez: "I like it very much but sometimes I cannot get to the phone in time and and I would like for it to be able to stop looping saying it over and over. I want it to be able to just say what he's got to say and stop by itself."

ayesha armstead: "I like the part at the schedule date and time, the audio reminder comes on, but your reoccurring schedule repeats needs to be way more flexible"

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