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You might already have lots of news apps. Dailyhunt or similar. But did you miss the early days newspaper reading? News India app allows you to read newspapers as is like early days with hot cup of tea!!

App allows you to read news in full screen mode and in landscape mode (even though auto rotate is turned off) so that newspaper covers the entire screen of your android phone to give you best reading experience.

You can also read back dated news or newspaper if respective newspaper allows it. You can also read supplements that are not available in your area or city. You can read newspaper for other cities. Not just that you can share specific news with your friends or relatives with just simple click.

Currently app supports Hindi & Marathi news. If your newspaper is not listed, please send us newspaper name and language to [email protected] and we can include that without you needing to update the app.

** Disclaimer - We do not own or provide any news content by our own. News is provided by respective newspaper. App just shows the epaper link provided by them collectively and with some in app smoother experience. App is only a display medium between you and newspaper. epaper links provided by news paper can also be surfed through normal web browser. We are not responsible for any content on news or news shared by any users **

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How to use app

Just open the app. Make sure you are connected to the Internet and select newspaper that you want to read.

What our users say

Suresh Patidar: "Single app to explore all daily news paper. Performance of app is awesome."

blaCK pearl:"Morning's Newspaper reading best experience at this app"

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