Glowrify - Auto Flashlight app

Glowrify app is auto flashlight and torch app, it is designed to do much more. More useful.

Features -
Use as a Night Lamp - Schedule your sleep time. For example 9PM ON - 6AM OFF. Auto flashlight app will automatically turn on at 9PM and automatically turn off at 6AM. Smart !!
Auto sense mode - Use app on auto sense mode. (Dedicated older smart phones recommended). Whenever light intensity goes low torch will turn on. When light intensity goes high, torch will turn off. You can configure intensity manually or calibrate automatically.
Simple flashlight/ torch app - You will use this rarely or use on older devices where torch option is not available in home drawer but if you create shortcut of this app, you will love using it.
Battery friendly - Only this flashlight app will offer you battery friendliness. If battery is below 20% or battery temperature is more than 40°C, torch will turn off with beep signal. You can disable this feature easily.
Color Screen - Color screen will allow you a party mode or fun for your baby.

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