About futureapps

Futureapps is founded by Pratik Parekh in 2015. Basic intention was to provide an app that gives tips & tricks to detect hidden camera's. When he discovered that magnetic sensor can be used to detect hidden camera's, he updated app with the camera detection with magnetometer and infrared camera detection feature.
Currently app has around 3M downloads on Google Play and 5k+ Download on iTunes.
With this success, now we are in process of creating new tools along with improving hidden camera detector app.

We also have a unique battery app that gives 100% charging protection from overcharging, high battery temperature and over voltage with audio alerts. Check out our app section to know more.
Our goal is develop great utilities and tools that can help people.
Do you want to contribute to our work ? Just write down to [email protected] Please do not spam us for marketing, eCPM and job emails as we don't entertain such emails.

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