how to get good rewards in tez

You will find lot of blogs, articles those talk about some tricks to get good rewards on Google pay scratch cards. Some will even upload a screenshot of winning nice cashback. But all are fake!

THEN how to get good rewards in tez / Google pay?

Best reward you can get is max 10% of your payment. If you get more than that, your upcoming payments will make a balance. 😀

I had paid 1000 Rs to someone. Got a scratch card. I did not scratch it. I woke up at 2:50 AM and scratched it at exact 3AM. I got 10 Rs. LOL. With my mobile banking app, I would have got 10% cashback upto 75 Rs max. So instead of getting 75 Rs, I got 10Rs from Google pay.

So don’t fall for it. Check if you have any other promo or cashback available from other apps like paytm, your banking app etc. As a last choice, when you are left with no other promo codes, go for this uncertain cashback or reward from Tez / Google Pay app.

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