how to detect hidden camera

“Hidden camera found in Chennai women’s hostel, police arrest owner …”
“Travelers found hidden camera in their Carnival Cruise bedroom”

You often read such news. With the commercialization and evolving nano technology cameras are getting smaller and cheaper. It is very easy for someone to plant hidden cameras and spy on you for various reasons. From teenagers to business man, everybody is victim of privacy invasion.

There are various tricks that can save you from potential exposure to hidden cameras. In fact, you can use your Android or iPhone to stay protected. Let’s see different tricks to find out hidden camera.

1. Download hidden camera detector app – Hidden camera detector app has 2 main features. 1. Detect hidden camera using magnetic sensor  2. Detect Infrared camera. For the first one, app uses magnetic sensor and get the magnetic activity of nearby objects. You need to identify the suspect and move app closer. If app beeps then you can further investigate for lens.  For the second feature, app open up the default camera. If you see white light that is invisible to naked eye, then it is infrared light and it can be infrared camera. Infrared lights are invisible to human eyes but those are picked up by the camera sensor and camera show IR lights as visible white or blue spot in the camera preview.  Download app from play store   or  Download from iTunes (iPhone users)

2. Two way mirror test – Sometimes, especially in changing rooms, camera is placed behind the mirror. Such mirrors are 2 way mirrors that means you see your reflection in the mirror but person or camera behind the mirror can see you through the mirror as a transparent glass. It is very easy to find out 2 way mirrors. Just touch the mirror with your fingernail. For normal mirrors, there is always a gap between actual fingernail and its reflection. But in case of 2 way mirrors, there is no gap between actual fingernail and its reflection. So if you do NOT see any gap between the fingernail and its reflection, it can be a 2 way mirror

3. Broken sockets, chargers & other equipment –  When you enter any hotel room, changing room or Airbnb room, always check if you find any broken sockets, lens looking part over charger or over other electronic equipment. Without power supply cameras don’t work. So always check for doubtful, unnecessary electronic equipment. Always check chargers, trimmers, hair dryers that don’t work. Those could be modified to place hidden camera’s.

Now, how to be safe from hidden cameras

  1.  Scan for normal camera’s, Infrared camera’s with the hidden camera detector app.
  2. Check for 2 way mirrors
  3. Check broken sockets and other equipment’s.
  4. In case of any doubt on any equipment or lens like object, place a cello tape or cloth on it.
  5. While sleeping, always turn off TV. Cut off main power supply (Mostly in hotel rooms)
  6. Change the direction of flowerpots, coffee machine and other such appliances.
  7. Inspect the balcony area.


With these simple steps you can save your self from hidden camera’s. Your awareness of surrounding is the key !.

3 Replies to “how to detect hidden camera”

  1. I have pictures of drones hoovering over my apartment at night. You can hear dragging and clicking in the walls and Windows. I am awaken from some type of electronic frictions up and down my body. When tv is on the power button light is brighter and clicking is sounds n TV’s.
    I know without a shadow of a doubt that I will be dead and gone before anyone belies me. I have had 2 new computers that have been hacked, when I type my password it would automatically erase my password each time.i I know without a shadow of a doubt I am being watched and electronic harassed . All my electronics are being controlled. My car also.

  2. I also hear tapping noises on my the walls of my house and windows
    My computer has been hacked into several times until I just quit going on the internet with it I just use my phone now and it is endless bull shit whit it and no one believes me I have even called the police but that was a joke just thought I would let you know your not alone

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