How to record call on iPhone without app

How to record call on iPhone without app

You purchased iPhone. But your wow factor ends as soon as you notice, there is no good way you can record a phone call. Apple says its not legal to record calls in most of the countries and to make iOS ecosystem secure, they haven’t provided call recording feature, neither they allow third-party developers to do that. You might get call recording feature on your jailbroken device but not everyone go for jailbreak. Continue reading “How to record call on iPhone without app”

how to detect hidden camera

“Hidden camera found in Chennai women’s hostel, police arrest owner …”
“Travelers found hidden camera in their Carnival Cruise bedroom”

You often read such news. With the commercialization and evolving nano technology cameras are getting smaller and cheaper. It is very easy for someone to plant hidden cameras and spy on you for various reasons. From teenagers to business man, everybody is victim of privacy invasion.

There are various tricks that can save you from potential exposure to hidden cameras. In fact, you can use your Android or iPhone to stay protected. Let’s see different tricks to find out hidden camera. Continue reading “how to detect hidden camera”